Choosing the Perfect Jogging Stroller

When choosing the perfect jogging stroller, a very important question to ask yourself is whether you want a swivel or fixed wheel. The benefit of choosing a jogging stroller with a fixed wheel is that it will offer the stability and straight tracking that you will require. The front wheel tends to be larger on a fixed wheel model which means it will be a smoother ride for your child and will handle bumps better at any speed.

When shopping for a fixed wheel jogging stroller there are several questions you should be asking yourself. Is this stroller travel friendly? Is it important to you that your jogger stroller has a folding mechanism? Consider whether or not you it is important to you that your jogger stroller also has a bike trailer included for people that cycle. For those of you are that are off-road runners, nature trail enthusiasts or live in a neighborhood with bumpy sidewalks, you should consider purchasing a jogger stroller with sturdy frames, suspension systems and high-quality construction.

If you do not plan on actually running with your jogging stroller then you might want to invest in one with a swivel front wheel. A jogging stroller with a swivel front wheel is an appropriate choice for indoor use, such as malls and the grocery store. The swivel wheel jogging stroller is usually 12” or less whereas the standard fixed front wheel is 16”. Although swivel wheel jogging strollers are less graceful with bumps and do not tend to track as straight they make tight turns much easier. These strollers can be used in a non-swivel mode for the occasional light jog.

Choosing a swivel wheel jogger stroller that is car seat compatible is also an important decision to make. A car seat compatible swivel wheel jogger stroller is convenient for transporting your child from the house to car to stroller without having to wake them up.

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A Stroller Review

Finding the baby stroller that fits your needs isn’t always the easiest, there are so many features a baby stroller can have that it can be totally confusing in the end. In this stroller review I will tell you about one of them, the Bugaboo stroller. This doesn’t mean that, there are many good ones out there, but I personally have such a good experience of the bugaboo, that I’m going to tell about what it’s about.

The stroller should meet the safety standards and have been tested by independent test institutes. Then you might think of is design. Nowadays strollers are a fashion statement; that might be an important thing for you, or it might not. Maybe you want a stroller with a carrycot that can be taken off so that the baby stroller can grow with the baby. Then you don’t have to buy another one as the baby gets bigger.

What can be noticed is that the designers sure are parents themselves, and that they have added features to it that they have missed on their own strollers. There are some really smart things that has never been seen on a normal baby stroller before. One is that you can move the seat or carrycot vertically; this means that you can set the seat in table-high position; very good if you are outside and wants to sit down to feed or communicate with your baby. Or your toddler can participate sitting with you at the table.

And this is a feature I like: It’s also reversible from front to sideways to back, so when the baby gets bigger and want to look at other things than old mom and dad, you can then just turn the seat around in one easy grip.

The Bugaboo stroller is said to be easy maneuvered just about everywhere. So we tried; and yes, since it’s light weight and the swivel like wheel makes it really easy to turn and walk with in an busy environment, it was. We took it on the subway through the city in a horrible rush hour, and later on to the beach. It was peace of cake; especially the beach part impressed, we didn’t struggle hard at all to move it around in the sand.

The seat frame is longer than in standard baby strollers, so will fit a longer baby and taller child.
The Carrycot is approved for use for overnight sleeping, good if you are on a trip, and the seat can be used as a baby bouncer seat on the floor as well.
The handle bar is height adjustable, so anyone who walks with it can adjust it for the most comfortable height.

So what about the price? Well, it can be a bit of a chock at first ( 900 $), but one have to think about that this is really an investment, you will not need another stroller for as long as you have a toddler in you house, since this stroller “grows” with the baby.

Beatrice Stephenson is a freelance writer on family health and recreation.

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How to Choose Baby Strollers

One of the more important accessories for a parent is a baby stroller. With the many choices of strollers available in the stores today, it proves to be difficult to choose the right baby stroller for your baby. It has to be basically safe and comfortable for you and the baby and easy to open, close, maneuver and store.

There are many types of baby strollers found today like the carriage stroller which is a great first stroller and the umbrella stroller which is easy to fold and thus convenient as a secondary stroller to be used for jaunts and trips. The standard stroller is usually the primary baby stroller that comes with many features like storage basket and bumper tray.

Lightweight strollers are also great for traveling purposes but are generally high priced than its typical counterparts. The car seat/stroller combo is a great baby stroller to be used for those using the car regularly. You can go jogging taking your baby with you in the jogging stroller while tandem and side-by-side strollers are best for those having children close in age, twins or triplets. In these types of strollers, the seats are fixed next to each other, on a large, single frame.

When choosing the right baby stroller, make sure that it is sturdy, and is of quality construction. It should have all terrain wheels so that it can be used on all surfaces. There should be some safety features in the baby stroller and be comparatively easy to use by all parents. Make sure the stroller can fold and unfold easily and is rather maneuverable.

It is better to choose baby strollers that are easy to clean with removable and machine washable seat covers. Choose baby strollers that accommodate the baby as it grows and those that have storage baskets that are generously sized.

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Stroller Safety Tips

Strollers offer a wonderful and convenient service to parents and caregivers. The first priority in choosing a stroller should be safety.

To prevent tipping, choose a stroller that has a wide base so even when your child leans over there is no chance of the stroller tipping.

If you purchase a stroller that includes a recliner position check the stroller to make sure the stroller does not fall over backwards when the child reclines.

Remember to use the stroller seat belt at all times.

If your stroller has a basket, use that for purses and bags rather than hanging these items over the handles. The basket on your stroller should be placed over the rear tires.

To prevent accidental folding of the stroller always use the locking device. The brakes are used to limit the rotation of the tires when the stroller is at a complete stop.

Make sure you do not accidentally pinch your child’s fingers when folding or unfolding your stroller. Be conscience of where those little hands are at all times.

If you are using a jogging stroller make sure you use the safety strap that fits around your wrist. This can help prevent the stroller from getting away from you.

When you are in a parking lot make sure that the stroller is always next to you while unlocking the car. Put the child into their car seat before storing the stroller.

Before you cross the street, position the stroller completely out of the street and make sure you are safely on the curb.

Check your stroller to make sure it is completely opened and in the locked position before putting your child in it. A good habit to get into is pushing down on the seat with your hand to make sure it safe for your child.

When stopping on a hill, always remember to set the brakes on your stroller, even if you are just stopping for a moment.

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Review of Joovy's Caboose Stand-On Tandem Stroller

Conventional double/multiple strollers are usually designed to cater to infants about the same age. However, we as parents know that having more than 1 child about the same age is quite unlikely, unless you are parents of twins.

So what happens when you have an infant younger than 2-1/2 years old with an older sibling from 2-1/2 to 5 years old?

Being at an age when toddlers frequently change their minds about whether to walk or not, parents face problems when their toddlers suddenly refused to walk on their own.

This is where Joovy's Caboose Stand-On Tandem Stroller comes into the picture. This stroller is designed for just such a scenario.

A standing platform is built into the rear of the stroller to cater for standing toddlers. There is even a padded seat for the toddler to sit down while their parents pushes the stroller.

The front seat allows for 2 sitting positions, upright and slightly reclined. Regrettably, full recline is not available making it unsuitable for infants who are too young.

The stroller's handlebars are built high, designed to be unobstrusive to the standing toddler, however, this results in an unadjustable height making it unconfortable for petite mothers.

The stroller is made from light-weight aluminium making it a sturdy and safe stroller, but this means that the stroller can be a little bit heavy to lug around, even though it can be collapsed into a relatively compact footprint for stowing in cars.

The stroller comes with all the usual bells and whistles, like 3-point harness, storage compartments, wheel lock, 360 degrees wheel turn, racheting canopy, foot rest etc.

Although some of these features are made from low cost plastic materials, it does serve to keep the overall price of the stroller reasonable.

All in all, this stroller is value for money, and definitely a good choice for consideration for parents with kids with a few years age gap between them.

Written By: Chew Weng Kin
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Quality Baby Strollers Should Last for Years

The baby carriage or buggy has come along way. Thanks to companies such as Cosco, Graco, Peg Perego, Evenflo, Century and Maclaren strollers have become an indispensable baby and toddler transport product.

Find a stroller from a credible manufacturer

When selecting a stroller for that special baby or toddler choose a credible and reliable manufacturer to ensure the best quality. Cosco, Graco, Peg Perego, Evenflo, Century and Maclaren are well-known and trusted names when it comes to strollers and have a stroller to fit your lifestyle and budget.

How a stroller will be used in everyday life is another factor to consider. Are you looking for a jogging or running stroller, what about walking, shopping or even bicycling? The age of the baby will also have an impact on what you choose and many families will have more than one stroller or buggy to take care of their needs and activities.

An infant or newborn will need a baby carriage that offers comfort and warmth with plenty of room for carrying all those baby essentials. A removable seat that doubles as a car seat is yet another option offered in today’s lineup of strollers and baby carriage models. Maclaren and Peg Perego offer a great selection of baby carriages and strollers with accompanying accessories for every busy mom’s needs. A baby or toddler will be old enough to accompany mom or dad out for those jogs or trips to the market to pick up groceries. Check out the Graco Leisure Sport Jogger Stroller or other models from Evenflo or Century.

Whatever the lifestyle there is a stroller to meet the requirements of that special mom and baby.

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