New Baby In The House? Here's Baby Stroller Safety Tips.

Isn't it wonderful when you bring your first baby home? Suddenly your life has changed forever, and in ways you didn't even think about before baby. You're about to discover how much more difficult it is to get around now with a baby than it was before baby. You need a baby stroller.

And you'll find that there are some practical problems getting around with a new baby too. Suddenly you can't rush out at the last minute, jump in the car and go. Getting in the car with baby has become a longer more drawn out process.

In the past you could buy a pram. A solid steel pram. It was solid and heavy, and very hard to fold up and put in the car. It was inconvenient. When you were going out you had to allow 20 minutes to get the pram and baby into the car.

But modern technology allows companies to make much more user friendly strollers that overcome these problems. They are usually made of plastic, so are lighter, are usually much easier to fold up and put away, and are easier to push with larger wheels.

And there's more benefits to a modern baby stroller, for baby as well as you. For example you can get strollers with reclining seats so baby can sleep more comfortably. And with adjustable footrests for a growing baby, and so baby will be more comfortable in a modern stroller.

And they have storage space for mums gear or shopping, and they have brakes so that you can stop the stroller confidently.

Whilst on the subject of brakes make sure the stroller you get has a foot operated brake that operates brakes on all wheels at the same time. The brakes should be good enough to hold a fully loaded stroller on a hill, although you shouldn't ever park the stroller on a hill unless absolutely necessary. And if you do then put the brakes on but also park the stroller across the hill for optimum safety.

And here's some more safety tips. Make sure you get a fully adjustable and solid 5 point harness. And keep it done up tightly. There have, in the past, been accidents where baby has tried to stand up and fallen out.

And here's 2 more safety tips to using baby strollers, because safety is so important. When you need to go upstairs with a baby in a stroller look for a lift. It's difficult to take a baby in a stroller safely up stairs. If you absolutely must then you should take baby out. Safer, just don't.

And never tie a dog lead to a stroller. You may well look away and look back to find that your dog, and your stroller, and your baby, have taken off.

And surprisingly a good new stroller is very affordable. You can find stroller brand new at an extremely affordable price if you know where. A stroller is very cheap convenience for you and comfort for baby.

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